Here are some of the questions that we often come across from members of Mabuhay Miles. If you have a different question which you would like answered, please contact Mabuhay Miles Service Center.  


On enrollment    

Q.  How do I enroll in Mabuhay Miles? 
A.  You may easily enroll online. Enrollment forms are also available at the Mabuhay Miles Service Center, Philippine Airlines, check-in counters and airport lounges. You may also secure an enrollment form from your travel agent.  
Q.  I was a PALsmiles/Mabuhay Club member. Need I enroll in Mabuhay Miles? 
A.  No, members of PALsmiles/Mabuhay Club have been automatically transferred to their corresponding tiers in Mabuhay Miles last 01 August 2002.  
Q.  When will I receive my permanent membership card? 
A. You will receive your membership credentials, which includes a permanent membership card, four (4) to six (6) weeks after you accumulate 5,000 Redeemable Miles and upon payment of a USD10.00 (exclusive of applicable govt. taxes) card processing fee at the Mabuhay Miles Service Center or any PAL Ticket Office.

On earning Miles   
Q.  How do I ensure the Miles I earn are credited to my account? 
A. For Philippine Airlines, PAL Express and Philippine Airlines codeshare flights, quote your Mabuhay Miles membership number when making your reservations, and present your membership card when you claim your ticket and upon check-in at the airport.
 For products / services availed from program partners, remember to quote your Mabuhay Miles membership number and present your membership card at the counter.  
Q.  Do I earn Miles traveling on any Philippine Airlines or codeshare flights? 
A.  Yes. Please note that earning Miles on Philippine Airlines codeshare flights is subject to Mabuhay Miles Terms and Conditions.  
Q.  Will my Miles expire? 

A.  Good News!! Miles shall NO longer expire for active members.

Who is an active member? Active members are those with the following valid Mabuhay Miles activities, within two (2) consecutive years, starting 01 January 2014 - 31 December 2015.


  • Earning flight Miles on PAL/PAL Express or code-share partners
  • Conversion of credit card rewards points earned from Mabuhay Miles program partner banks
  • Mileage accrual from hotel/resorts, car rentals and other lifestyle partners
  • Flight and non-flight mileage redemptions
  • Buy Miles, Transfer Miles and Bonus Miles transactions
  • Reinstatement of Expired Miles


Don’t worry!! If you have Miles scheduled to expire between 01 June 2013 to 31 December 2013. Miles will no longer expire and will be carried over to the first review period on 01 January 2014 - 31 December 2015

Q.  If Miles are missing from my account, how do I claim them? 
A.  For retroactive crediting of Flight Miles earned from Philippine Airlines, or Philippine Airlines codeshare flights within the past 12 months, please complete and send an Account Update Form together with the original passenger coupon(s) and boarding pass(es) to the Mabuhay Miles Service Center. You may also login to your account, and fill-up the "Claim Missing Miles" online form in the My Account" menu.
 For non-flight activities, kindly request for retroactive crediting directly from the program partners within 6 months from activity date.  
On purchasing Miles    
Q.  Can I purchase Miles to add to my personal account? 
A.  Yes. You can do this by availing of the Mabuhay Top Up Miles feature.  
Q.  Can I purchase Miles to give to another person? 
A.  Yes, as long as your beneficiary is already a member of Mabuhay Miles. This is called the Mabuhay Gift Miles feature.  
Q.  How do I purchase Miles? 
A.  Simply accomplish the Buy Miles Request Form and proceed to the Mabuhay Miles Service Center, or any Philippine Airlines ticket office with your payment.  
Q.  How many Miles may be purchased for each request? Is there a limit? 
A.  Miles may be purchased in increments of 1,000 Miles. A member’s account can be credited up to 30,000 Miles per calendar year.  
Q.  How soon are the purchased Miles credited to a Mabuhay Miles account? 
A.  The Miles shall be credited to the particular Mabuhay Miles account 4 calendar days after the payment is made.  
On online account access   
Q.  How can I access my Mabuhay Miles account online? 
A.  Simply input your 9-digit Mabuhay Miles Membership ID Number and your password, and then click “Login” in the “My Account” area. The “My Account” area is found in the upper right-hand portion of the Mabuhay Miles home page. 
 Please note that you have to register your account before you can access it online.  
Q.  Why should I register my account? 
A.  You need to register your Mabuhay Miles account for your own protection. Since you will define a password when you register your account, you can be sure that no unauthorized person has access to your account.  
Q.  I already enrolled online. Should I still register my account? 
A.  Yes. While enrollment will give you a unique Mabuhay Miles Membership ID Number, registering your account will allow you to access it online.  
Q.  How do I register my account? 
A.  In the area called “My Account” click the "Register Now" link after “No password yet?”. You will be prompted to input your 9-digit Mabuhay Miles Membership ID Number and to define a password. You will then be asked to choose one question from a list of hints and to identify your hint answer. You may use this if you forget your password in the future.  

On redeeming Miles   
Q.  How soon can I redeem a travel award? 
A.  Awards start from 3,500 Miles. As soon as you accumulate the Miles required for your desired award, you may redeem them.  
Q.  How do I redeem an award ticket? 
A.  Just complete and submit a travel award redemption form to any Philippine Airlines ticket office. You may first call Philippine Airlines Reservations to make your flight bookings, then claim your award tickets at your preferred ticket office.  
Q.  What are the requirements in claiming an award ticket? 
A.  When claiming an award ticket at your preferred ticket office, present the original and submit a photocopy of each of the following documents:

  • The Member's Mabuhay Miles membership card (optional)
  • One (1) valid ID with photo and signature (e.g. Driver's License/Passport of Member/Travel Coordinator and beneficiary. Passenger's passport is required for International Travel Award redemption)
  • Authorization letter from Member/Travel Coordinator and beneficiary, as applicable.
  • One (1) valid ID with photo and signature of authorized representative.  
  • Applicable taxes, surcharges and fees shall be collected upon travel award issuance.


Q.  Can I transfer my travel awards to anyone? 
A.  Flight Award tickets are transferable to anyone. Service Class Upgrade awards may be transferred to family and friends who are members of Mabuhay Miles. 
Q.  Can I rebook my award ticket? 
A.  Yes, a Flight Award Ticket may be rebooked and revalidated maximum of (2) transactions, provided the award ticket is still valid and there is no change in origin, destination or routing and in the class of service. The first rebooking is free of charge. Each subsequent rebooking will be subject to a rebooking fee of USD30.00 for International award ticket and PHP1,000.00 (inclusive of VAT) for Domestic award ticket. Rebooking is subject to the availability of award seats on the new flight date and rush processing fees shall be collected if applicable.


To avoid payment of USD75.00 Non-users fee (NUF) for International award tickets, passengers must cancel their bookings at least 24 hours prior departure.  Flight Award Tickets may be re-issued anytime, but should still be within the ticket validity. The NUF shall apply for Flight Award Tickets issued and revalidated/ re-issued within the Philippines.  Flight Award Tickets issued outside the Philippines shall be subject to the fee once the Flight Award Ticket is revalidated/ re-issued in the Philippines, and the passenger did not use the confirmed seat or cancel his booking 24 hours prior his departure.


On the other hand, to avoid payment of PHP1,000 No-show fee for Domestic award tickets, passengers must cancel their bookings at least 4 hours prior departure. It is required that for any change, the Flight Award Ticket must be revalidated/ re-issued at least 4 hours prior the original flight date. Otherwise, even if booking was cancelled, the No-show fee shall apply. The No-show fee shall apply to all Flight Award Tickets issued and revalidated/ re-issued in the Philippines.  
On elite levels   
Q.  How do I qualify for Mabuhay Miles Elite Membership? 
A.  Just earn 25,000 Flight Miles on Philippine Airlines. Or, fly thirty (30) one-way segments in any class of service, or fifteen (15) one-way segments in First or Mabuhay Class on Philippine Airlines within the calendar year.  
Q.  How do I qualify for Mabuhay Miles Premier Elite Membership? 
A.  Just earn 45,000 Flight Miles on Philippine Airlines. Or fly fifty (50) one-way segments in any class of service, or twenty five (25) one-way segments in First or Mabuhay Class on Philippine Airlines within the calendar year.  
Q.  For how long can I enjoy my elite level benefits once I qualify? 
A.  The benefit period for Elite and Premier Elite Members is from March through February the following year. Once you qualify, you'll enjoy elite level benefits for the remainder of the benefit period, as well as for the subsequent twelve (12) months.  
Q.  Do my tier-based bonus Miles count towards elite qualification? 
A.  No, bonus Miles do not add to your Flight Miles, which are computed for your eligibility to the elite levels.  
Q.  What are upgrade travel certificates? 
A.  These certificates entitle you to an upgrade from Economy Class to Mabuhay Class or from Mabuhay Class to First Class, subject to availability upon check-in. Premier Elite Members will earn two upgrade travel certificates upon accruing forty five thousand (45,000) Flight Miles between Jan 1 and Dec 31, plus two additional certificates for every twenty five thousand (25,000) Flight Miles accrued thereafter during the same period.  
Q.  What is “Million Miler”? 
A.  “Million Miler” is the ultimate recognition given to members who have flown one million cumulative Flight Miles with Philippine Airlines. Million Milers enjoy lifetime Premier Elite Membership without the need for re-qualification, among other exclusive benefits.  
Q.  Can I extend my lounge access benefit to a beneficiary? 
A.  When traveling on Philippine Airlines and PAL codeshare flights using a PAL ticket, only Premier Elite Members are allowed to bring 1 traveling companion to the lounge, and Million Milers are allowed to bring 2 traveling companions to the lounge.  
Q.  Can I extend my priority luggage handling benefit to a beneficiary? 
A.  Although pooling of luggage among traveling companions shall not be allowed, a qualified Member’s Priority Luggage Handling benefit shall be extended to the regular free luggage allowance of 1 traveling companion.  

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